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Our Story

Body Hub was founded in 2020 by Sharna and Raf, created as a passion project, to inspire and share solutions to look after your mind and body, an area that is of extreme importance to both of us. 

We are currently based in Surrey, UK and both have full-time, fast paced jobs in London, and know first hand how very easy it can be, to get swept up in the whirlwind of day-to-day life and neglect to look after yourself. 


Over the years, we have needed to work out ways to prioritise health, and maintain balance in our lives. We have refined a lifestyle together over the years, and we aim to share our fitness and wellness solutions with you all - in hope that we can help in one way or another. 

Our Vision

To us, mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and both take work.

We don't look at either as big mountains to climb, but rather a series of small steps in the right direction. Every step forward, no matter how small is beneficial.


A little internal focus, is all that is needed, stepping outside your comfort zone is good, and comparison doesn't help anybody.

We share what works for us, and we understand this may not work for everyone, so please do work within your own boundaries, and live a life that feels right for you.

And most importantly - enjoy the journey, not just the destination!



All of our content is authentic, as we hugely enjoy exploring health and fitness, constantly trying new things and learning along the way.


Because of this most of our writing is based on our own real life experiences, and direct learnings and/or thorough research into a topic.


When we conduct research into a topic only use professionally recognised academic and scientific sites (such as Pubmed or Google Scholar) and you'll notice we always provide a direct link back to the study or article, so you can easily find the reputable source of the information. 

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